Giving Back

Over ten years ago, God inspired me with an idea. This idea was born out of a desire to give back to the community of support I received when battling cancer. I could never financially give back to the many who stepped in to help care for my kids, the many trips to and from chemo appointments, cleaning my house, feeding my family, providing trips and get-aways, helping to bring joy to some tough times.

I read an article in a Family Circle magazine. The front page highlighted “giving circles”.  I sent an email to over 100 women stating, “Let’s come together and fellowship with food and beverage and give back to our community in need.” First meeting we gathered over 75 women together with hearts open and ready to add a little something meaningful to their calendars.

G3~ Grateful Greensboro Givers was born.

G3~ Grateful Greensboro Givers,  a non-profit, has a true mission and vision

The mission of Grateful Greensboro Givers (G3) is to donate our resources, our time, and our hearts of love to help bring about positive change to those within our community feeling lost, insignificant and unnoticed. We believe every individual matters.

Our vision as a non-profit is to continue to collectively find ways

  • to contribute relationally, tangibly and spiritually to those who feel lost and without hope;
  • to contribute financially towards making a more significant difference to the many surrounding needs;
  • to help bring about unity within our own divisive community and world;
  • to work alongside other non-profit organizations and charitable groups that share in our similar vision.


My prayer is The Gap and G3 unite missions with the end goal being hearts enlightened and eyes that see a world in need.  Change is possible one prayerful step at at time.

All donations will go towards those inside our community and beyond. Our treasurer, Leslie Morgan handles our finances. Donations can be made to which is our paypal account.








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