Why Here?

Welcome to THE GAP…the  place where I pray you can begin to discover grace in the unfilled spaces.

So, why are you here? What brought you to The Gap?

Possibly, you have this ongoing recognition of the empty spaces in your life and you are seeking ways to fill them.

Maybe you feel as if you are standing with one foot inside the world and one foot outside; one foot inside busyness, chaos, and noise and the other stepping towards silence and stillness.

Do you ever imagine yourself standing at a crossroad, wondering which way to go?

Or do you imagine standing at an open door, ready to go full force? Or possibly staring at a closed one; one you sense God may have slammed?

More importantly, have you begun to ask yourself, what might it feel like to “just be” for a while, giving yourself permission to pause at the cracked door? Waiting…

My prayer? That you see The Gap as this inviting space…space provided for you to allow your heart to travel, seek, discern and discover.

Sooo, let’ share in this space together. Let’s explore the in-betweens together. Let’s allow vulnerability to be our gift; no expectations, boundaries, or limitations…just space to experience Mystery.

I believe our deepest yearnings are way more similar than our outward differences. Let’s grow together and experience Mystery in the gap.

Will you join me?



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